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What are STEM camps, exactly?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. LEGO and Minecraft camps are also included. LEGOs are not just about building castles anymore. Most LEGO camps involve engineering and robotics. And at Minecraft camps, students learn programming and design their own game or mod.

Students will experiment, build, program, compute and design. It's much more fun than science class! Your child will do amazing things such as:

  • Build robots

  • Create video games

  • Design iPhone apps

  • Use a 3D printer

  • Learn about web design and cybersecurity

  • Fly a drone

  • Explore biology and the natural world

  • Become CSI expert


Benefits of STEM Camps

For the kids:

  • Prevent the brain drain

  • Learn that science and math have real-world applications

  • Spark interest in future careers

  • Meet people with similar interests

For the parents:

More likely to offer full-day options!


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Camp Provider Activities Area Full/Half Day Age/Grade Range
William Peace University Science, Tech Downtown Full 9th 12th
Wake Tech Eng., Science ITB-West, Northeast Full 13 17
Wake Christian Academy Eng., LEGO, Math South Half 3rd 8th
The Hill Center Math Northeast Half K 6th
The Coder School Technology Northwest Full 7 up
STEM For Kids Eng., Science, Tech Northeast Full K 7th
St. Timothy's School Eng., Science, LEGO Northeast Full, Half K 8th
St. Raphael Preschool Science Northeast Half 3 5
St. Francis of Assisi Preschool Eng., Science Northwest Half 4 5
St. Francis of Assisi Eng., LEGO, Math, Sci., Tech, Mine Northwest Half K 12th
St. David's School Eng., Math, Science ITB-West Half PK 8th
SMILE Camp Eng., Math, Sci., Tech, Mine ITB-West Full K 12th
Saint Mary's School Science Downtown 3/4 day 5th 9th
NCSU Engineering Engineering ITB-West 3/4 day K 8th
NCSU Animal Science Science ITB-West Full 9th 12th
NC Museum of Natural Sciences Science, LEGO, Tech Downtown, West Full K 12th
Meredith College Eng., Science, Math ITB-West Full 6th 8th
Marbles Kids Museum Eng., Science Downtown Half 5 10
Mad Science Science Northeast Half PK 7th
Little Guru Science Downtown Half 6 10
J.C. Raulston Arboretum Science West Full, 3/4 day 4th 8th
IMACS of NC Tech Northwest Full, Half 3rd 8th
GRACE Christian School Science, LEGO, Tech West Full, Half K 8th
Camp Invention Engineering Various 3/4 day K 6th
Bricks 4 Kidz Tech, LEGO, Mine Northwest Half K 6th


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