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Camp Provider Activities Area Full/Half Day Age/Grade Range
Arts Together Drama, Dance, Music Downtown Raleigh Full, Half 6 12
Burning Coal Theatre Drama Downtown Raleigh 3/4 day 6th 13th
CC & Co. Dance Complex Dance Northwest Raleigh Half 2 12th
Durant Road Musical Theatre Drama Northeast Raleigh 3/4 day 8 18
eNeRGy Kidz Dance Northeast Raleigh Half PK 6th
Falls River Music Music Northeast Raleigh 3/4 day 8 up
Girls Rock NC Music ITB-West Full 2nd 10th
GRACE Christian School Drama, Dance West Raleigh Half K 8th
Justice Theater Project Drama Northwest Raleigh Full 2nd 9th
Lamar Stringfield Music Camp Music ITB-West Full, Half 4 18
Meredith College Dance ITB-West Full 1st 5th
Meredith College Music Music ITB-West Full, Half 1st 12th
NC Theatre Conservatory Drama Northeast Raleigh Full 7 up
North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre Drama Northwest Raleigh Full PK 12th
Progressive Music Center Music Northwest Raleigh Half 6 18
Raleigh Area Children's Theatre Drama, Dance Northwest Raleigh Full 1st up
Raleigh Little Theatre Drama Downtown Raleigh Full, Half PK 12th
Saint Mary's School Drama, Dance Downtown Raleigh 3/4 day, Half 2nd 12th
Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio Drama Downtown Raleigh Full 5 17
St. Francis of Assisi Drama, Music Northwest Raleigh Half K 6th
St. Francis of Assisi Preschool Drama, Music Northwest Raleigh Half 3 5
St. Raphael Preschool Drama Northeast Raleigh Half 3 5
Stage Door Dance Dance Northwest Raleigh Half 3 7
Stage Door Dance Lake Boone Dance West Raleigh Half 3 7
Tutu School Raleigh Dance Downtown Raleigh 3/4 day 3 8
Wake Christian Academy Drama, Music South Raleigh Half 4th 8th



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