It's hard managing your family schedule when both parents work full time; even more so if you're a single parent with a full-time job. By the time you get the school year running smoothly, it's already time to plan for summer. Arranging a full summer of child care is the annual task most moms dread. The lack of true full day options can be frustrating and make you feel like you're the only mom who has a normal 9-to-5 job.

That's why Summer Camp Guru has search filters that allow you to pinpoint camps by drop-off and pick-up times. We also provide the details on extended care for each weekly session. See how it works:

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So how much is it going to cost?

Cost varies widely and depends on the activity type, counselor ratio, and amenities. You will get a very different experience from a traditional day camp where you play games and go on field trips vs. a high-end technology camp with certified classroom teachers. However, there is something for all budgets and interests (albeit not all locations).

The average cost of a full day Triad summer camp is $197, ranging from $60 to $426.

  • based on weekly session data from 125 camp providers in the Triad area

  • includes the cost of before- and aftercare if applicable

  • coverage from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM - there are only 46 providers


Following is a list of camp providers by area along with their average weekly cost, including extended care if applicable.



Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center (128)

Bryan YMCA (155)

Camp Invention (305)

Club Fitness (199)

Greensboro Day School (333)

Greensboro Parks & Rec (70)

Hayes-Taylor YMCA (155)

Little Star Day Camp (145)

Precision Golf & Tennis (303)

Precision Instruction (139)

Proehlific Park (125)

Ragsdale YMCA (165)

Reidsville YMCA (130)

Spears YMCA (155)

SPX Camps (236)

The Burlington School (252)

Tumblebees Ultimate Gym (280)

YMCA Camp Weaver (290)



Calvary Baptist Church (150)

Davie YMCA (170)

Flip Force Gymnastics (160)

Forsyth Country Day (428)

Fulton YMCA (170)

Hillsdale Church (125)

Jerry Long YMCA (170)

Kaleideum North (270)

Kernersville Parks & Recreation (135)

Kernersville YMCA (170)

LifeQuest (165)

Positive Image Performing Arts (75)

Salvation Army Academy of Music & Arts (60)

Sawtooth School for Visual Art (340)

Soul Compass Center (225)

Stokes YMCA (130)

Summit School (426)

Superior Martial Arts (209)

Triple Threat School of Dance, Music, & Acting (355)

White YMCA (170)

Winston Lake YMCA (170)

YMCA Camp Hanes (203)

Young YMCA (132)


South of Winston-Salem

Archdale Parks and Recreation (80)

Covenant Church United Methodist (165)

Sprouts (155)

Triple Threat School of Dance, Music, & Acting (355)

Wesleyan Christian Academy (182)

Young YMCA (132)


To get details on a specific camp, use the keyword search at the bottom of the camp search criteria page. You can use the cost filter to set your weekly limit.

Don't forget about financial assistance! Many camps offer this, but you need to apply early. Check the scholarship box in your search criteria to get a list of camps that offer financial aid.

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