Summer Camp Guru primarily lists residential camps in the Carolinas and surrounding areas in TN, VA, and GA. We also have several listings for other U.S. and international locations, usually via travel programs with local camps.



Search Tips

  1. To maximize results, use only the age/grade, gender, and category filters. Use the date range if needed.

  2. If you get too many results, click the filter icon in the upper left to narrow your search.

  3. Activity selections will return results that have any of the activities, not camps with all of them.

  4. The activity list is not comprehensive. We just only have room for 10 selections. Check the camp’s website for more info.

  5. We typically don't list LIT and CIT sessions, as teens who apply for those are usually former campers and already familiar with the camp.


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  1. Register early! Smaller traditional camps with high return rates can fill up in September.

  2. Popular or prestigious academic programs often open registration in December or January; to secure a spot mark your calendar and be prepared for any application or audition requirements.

  3. We can list up to ten activities per camp, but some have more than 30. Activities such as games and arts & crafts are not listed, as those are included at every traditional camp. If you’re looking for something specific, be sure to check the camp’s website. Some websites are more detailed than others, so don’t be afraid to contact the camp if you have questions.

  4. CIT and LIT sessions are usually not included in our database, as those programs tend to target returning campers who already know about them.

  5. To accurately compare costs, look at all types of discounts, and whether there are extra fees for activities such as horseback riding.

  6. If the scholarship field says “yes,” explore the options for financial assistance (and apply early).

  7. Again, register early! If the camp of your choice is full, join the waitlist. Plans can change over the course of eight months. Plus, waitlisted campers often get priority the following year.




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Father-Son weekend at Camp Rockmont

Family camp is a great way to check out facilities and activities and make your child more comfortable with the idea of spending time away from home.

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