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What You Get

  1. Spreadsheet download

    • Our best feature allows you to download all data from your search results to Excel.

    • One session per line, with all the pertinent details. Use Excel filters to quickly sort and narrow options.

    • View example.

  2. Save favorite options for each child when browsing your search results

  3. Print/download a schedule to share with friends.

  4. Personalized assistance: we can notify you when camp info is added, offer recommendations, or provide technical support for your spreadsheets.


What You Pay

$20 per season

Memberships are good through August 31, to coincide with the start of a new camp registration period.


What You Save

Time! Eliminate the hassle and use the information we've already prepared for you.


Make my planning EASY this year


a mom eliminates frustration by using Summer Camp Guru to plan her kids' summer

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