How to Add and Edit Day Camp Sessions

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Profile Page

You are encouraged to create a page for each category to provide character and details. Parents can view these by clicking your name in their search results.

Showcase the awesome qualities of your camps with commentary, photos, video, brochure, website and social media links. The template automatically populates your address, a map, contact info, a share button, and a list of all of your sessions in that specific category.

This gives you the opportunity to provide information on specific camps along with related photos. It is a nice addition to the content on your website, and may provide more flexibility if you’re not able to easily edit your own website or don't have room to highlight all the features of individual sessions.

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How to set up your page

  1. Log on to your account. Go to My Day Camps.

  2. Click the “edit page” button above your session list.

  3. Add your information to the form and save it.

  4. Click “view enhanced page” to see what it looks like.

You can come back and edit content at any time!



  • Note that photos will be cropped to about 285x225 px, with the full image shown on a mouse click.

  • Add photos that show campers engaged in activities.

  • Tell parents exactly what their child will be doing in your camp. What's the schedule? What will they learn?

  • Don’t repeat information that is listed in the session details at the bottom of the page or in search results (e.g., age, week, etc)

  • Write short paragraphs that are easy to read, and avoid all CAPS or multiple exclamation marks.


How to edit your session details

We collect data for each session. This drives our powerful search filters and makes our directory unique. There are two ways to post or edit information.


Option 1: Online Form

To edit existing sessions:

  • Click the edit link beside the session. You can change any item except the categories. (This is due to the way camps are identified for premium listings.)

  • If a session is assigned to more than one category, each one will be listed as a separate entry.

  • Note that you cannot change categories on the form; this is due to the way listings are classified as Premium or not. Please let me know if you need to make a change.


Option 2: Spreadsheet Upload

Please contact me for assistance if you have more than ten sessions and need to make a holistic change. 



See the list of Categories and Activities.

What's your area? View our maps: Asheville, Charlotte, Triad, Triangle.


Check your search results

To see how your camps will be viewed by parents, run a quick search.

  1. Click Day Camps on the top menu bar.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the keyword search box. Enter the name of your camp and submit.

  3. Use the "expand multiple sessions" and + sign tools to view the details.



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