Promote Your Program

Premium Listings

$50 annual fee, aligned to registration season; September 1 - August 31.


  • Listings are moved to the top grouping of search results, with lines highlighted in yellow

  • No other ads are shown on your individual profile page

  • Helpful if you're in a popular category and want to catch parents on the first page or their search


Upgrades apply to one activity category. Depending on the size of your organization and the number of sessions, you may be able to add additional categories for free. Please contact for help.

To sign up, simply log in to your account, go to My Overnight Camps or My Day Camps, and click the Go Premium buttons. Please contact Victoria for assistance if your business doesn't use Paypal.


The first two camp providers have premium listings.



Ad Placements

Monthly rate of $40 for banner or sidebar ad. Includes multiple spots, based on availability. We try to balance the number of ads with the number of website visitors so that your ad is seen as much as possible.



  • This is your ideal target market - Summer Camp Guru users are researching camp options! Catch parents with an ad before they run a database search.

  • Unlike print advertising, digital ads allow you to track visitors and registration sources. If you would like a tutorial on how to do this, just ask.

  • Unlike some sites, our ads are not jammed together, and there are only a few ads per page. This reduces visual clutter and makes your ad stand out.

  • Average cost per click is usually less than the cost of Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

  • You can run ads targeting a specific camp or age group and replace them as needed depending on registration progress.


How to post an ad:

Simply send an image with the dimensions below and a target web address. Your ad will be posted within one day, with your choice of dates. We are happy to help create your ad or assist with image editing.


  • JPG or PNG format

  • Banner ad size: 1110 x 220 px

  • Side bar ad size: 350 x 220 px


Where do the ads show up?

1. Search page: up to three ads shown at a time, randomly rotated when the page is reloaded. Aligned with a specific metro area or general overnight searches.


2. Bottom of the search results page (see the first image above under premium listings). Ads rotate randomly when the page is reloaded. Aligned with a metro area or overnight searches.


3. Top Banner. This appears on multiple pages and can be aligned to a metro area or overnight page.

top banner ad

4. Banner on the bottom of the home page. Ads rotate when the page is refreshed.

5. Metro area home page - multiple options. View example


Questions? Contact Victoria at