Advertising & Promotional Options

Premium Listings

$50 annual fee, aligned to registration season; September 1 - August 31.

  • Listings moved to the top grouping of search results, with lines highlighted in yellow

  • No ads shown on your individual camp page

  • Additional promotions on local and activity-based landing pages (coming soon)

The first two camp providers have premium listings.


Ad Placements

Monthly pricing is $30-50. Includes multiple spots, based on availability. We will try to balance the number of ads with the number of website visitors so that your ad is seen as much as possible.

The average CPC in 2017 was less than the cost of Google Adwords.

Simply send an image with the right dimensions and a target URL. Your ad can be posted the same day, with your choice of dates. If you need help creating an ad, I'll be happy to share some tips.


  • JPG or PNG format

  • Bottom banner ad size: 1110 x 220 px

  • Top banner ad size: 825 x 315 px

  • Side bar ad size: 350 x 220 px


Where do they show up?

1. Side of search filter page: up to three ads shown at a time, rotating when the page is refreshed. Aligned to metro area or overnight searches.


2. Banner on search results page (see the first image above under premium listings). Ads rotate when page is refreshed. Aligned to metro area and overnight searches.


3. Slider at the top of the home page and search filter pages.

4. Banner on bottom of home page. Ads rotate when page is refreshed.


Questions? Contact Victoria at