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One mom was kind enough to send this note about day camp planning:

Thank you SO much! Because of this database, I was able to give my kids so many choices for camps. Before I had three options because I had no time to search through all the info but being able to look in one place, filter, sort and download really improved my planning process. Thank you for putting this together.


Our mission is to help busy parents find programs that align children's interests with their schedule, as well as to try new experiences.

The day camp search filters allow parents to find answers to questions such as:

  • Is there a gymnastics camp in Cary where I can pick my 10-yr-old up after 5 pm?

  • Is there a Minecraft camp the week of July 10 for under $300?

  • Where can my kid learn to play chess?

  • Who has a Harry Potter or Parkour camp?

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For Overnight camps, parents can search by dates, gender, region, camp type, cost, and activities.

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