Columbia Volleyball day camps

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Camp Provider Session Name Sub-Category Major Area Minor Area Week of Full/Half Day Cost Category Facility Age (Low) Start Time Facility Address Age (High) End Time City, State, Zip Rising Grade (Low) Earliest Drop off Provider Phone Rising Grade (High) Latest Pick up Email Gender Extended care/week Website Full Day Combo Cost Notes Partial Week Days Registration Opens Scholarships Special Notes
Volleyball Camp Volleyball Central Columbia Central Columbia 06/11/2018 Half.................. $150........ Sports Heathwood Hall 09.00 AM 3000 SBeltline Boulevard 12.00 PM Columbia, SC 29201 4th 07.30 AM 803-765-2309 8th 01.00 PM Girls Only $30 for morning, $25 for lunch (free if attending full day) Visit camp website yes 1/15/2018 a
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