How to find soccer day camps

  1. Use our search filters and choose Main Category = Sports and Minor Category = Soccer.

  2. Enter your child's age and rising grade.

  3. Narrow by location, date, and times if desired.

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Advanced Players

Your travel league superstar may not enjoy playing with kids who are just out there to kick the ball around. Pay attention to the camp descriptions; if they say "no experience required," that may be a clue. Check out the commuter options at university residential camps, but be aware that you'll probably be stuck with an empty half-week, as they are usually 3-4 day camps.

Advanced soccer camps in Charlotte include:

  • Charlotte Eagles
  • Charlotte Soccer Academy
  • British Soccer with Challenger Sports
  • UNCC (boys)
  • Davidson Soccer Camp (boys)
  • Davidson Soccer School (girls)

To find sessions with a specific program, search by Provider using the keyword tool at the bottom of our search criteria page. (e.g., "eagles" or "davidson soccer").

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A few things to keep in mind about sports camps

  • College camps tend to run Monday to Thursday (notated in our partial week days field)

  • Some camps end at noon on Fridays after an exhibition game or tournament (notated in our special notes field)

  • True full-day options are few and far between. Your best bet is to combine half-day camps at private schools or the YMCA, which usually offer extended care.



Coed Soccer Camps

Coed soccer camps in Charlotte


Boys play too rough?

Girls Only Soccer

Charlotte soccer camps for girls


Girls are icky?

Boys Only Soccer

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