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A 3-yr-old did not scribble on the screen. Those lines show the path of a user's mouse.


This application records visitor sessions on your website – you can watch a video of each user experience that shows mouse movements and clicks, page interactions, etc.


Why you may want to use this free tool

It’s easier to understand than Google Analytics. If you’re a larger organization, you have people responsible for this type of thing. If you’re a small business, you have to figure it out yourself. If you have set up an Analytics account and looked at the data, you know that it provides loads of information about page views, where visitors come from, conversions, and all kinds of other things. The problem is that it's hard to understand how to use it effectively. I am well-versed in all kinds of database and financial reporting tools, but am still struggling with Analytics reports; I keep staring at the data wondering if there’s some magic clue I’m missing.

Hotjar can help you see how people actually navigated your site. Did they find the information you wanted them to find? Did they complete a registration? How much time did they spend bouncing around? By watching just a few recordings in Hotjar I have gained a lot of insight and generated ideas for future improvements to user experience.

Once you get past the feeling that you’re spying on people, it’s quite fascinating. Each “user” is given a unique i.d. (no personal information involved), so you can see multiple sessions for the same user. You can also add tags and comments to sessions for future reference. You can also see heat maps, which shows where users move their mouse the most and where they try to click as well as create funnel views, such as what steps do people take to get to a registration page?

It is free to use if your website has less than 2000 page views per day (sign up for a “personal” account). You can have up to 300 recorded sessions at a time, and it records in 100-batch increments.

The only catch is that you have to copy and paste some code onto the web pages you want to record. Hopefully you have someone to do that for you, or you can watch a tutorial on YouTube.

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