Camp Provider Marketing: Photo Resources

As a small business manager, you are forced to perform tasks for which you have no experience and little competence. The things that seem daunting are the ones we put off. For some, this may be updating accounting records. For others, it may be graphic design and editing photos to post on social media or your website. The number of images you need is staggering, and it's often hard to find good ones in your collection that fit the size and shape requirements for various platforms.


 Free Tools to the Rescue

These websites can help you quickly edit pictures, create collages, and design images for ads. Photoshop experience not required!

Canva - Offers a wide range of templates for anything from Facebook ads to printed posters. Add your own images and edit as needed.

BeFunky - I have not used this, but it appears to be a more professional version of PicMonkey.


There are an insane amount of permutations for social media images. Why can't they just agree on a common format? To help you make sense of it all, here are two great resources to bookmark:

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet - A lovely graphic layout with details for each platform.

Social Media Image Guide - Infographic with the pixels and details for each element of each platform.


No longer free, but still good:

PicMonkey - Dummy-proof online editing tool that allows you to add text and effects, graphics, and resize. You can also create collages. I use this all the time and am now able to create banner collages for my landing pages in five minutes. I was so addicted that when they recently removed the free option, I had to sign up.


Free Stock Photos & Images

With all the great activities you have going on, you should be snapping hundreds of pictures at each event. Your need for stock photos should be infrequent. However, if you want a background image or something to make a point, here's a list of websites that offer free downloads. I subscribe to a number of weekly email distributions and sometimes download pictures to save for future posts. For example, a picture of a giraffe could be used with the headline Stick Your Neck Out. Or a roller coaster could be used for Get Your Thrills at XX Camp.

20 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites

73 Stock Photo Websites

List of sites with free icons


Graphic Design

If you're placing an ad in a magazine you may want to hire a professional. If you're creating a Facebook ad and you just need to catch the attention of people scrolling on a phone, the standards are a bit lower. You can totally do this yourself.

Canva Design School - A series of blog posts with great advice on design principles. You can also subscribe to their email and receive helpful tips.

Picking the Perfect Color Palette


Go ahead, start designing!