Town of Cary 2018 Summer Camps

With over 500 sessions to choose from, the Town of Cary offers a summer day camp selection that rivals that of a top-notch community college adult education program.

The selection process can be daunting. Fortunately, Summer Camp Guru's database provides an easy way to filter options and quickly pinpoint the ones that work for your children.

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TIPS: Most sessions are half-day. Look for options where you can combine two camps at the same location to make a full day. Also, please confirm schedules on Cary's website before finalizing plans. Some camps may be sold out, and I found a few discrepancies between the list of descriptions in the booklet and the summary grid.


Some of the more unique camps

  • Metalsmithing

  • Woodworking

  • Fused Glass

  • Pottery Around the World

  • Drum Camp

  • Bluegrass Camp

  • Outdoor Skills Camp

  • Mountain Bike Travel Camp

  • Business of Fashion or Fashion Branding

  • Skateboarding Camp

  • Quidditch Camp


My husband helped me enter some of the camp information, and I realized how different our kids' summers would be if he did the planning. His choices included:

  • Hogwarts School of Magical Drawing or Japanese Folklore Monsters

  • Lacrosse (he thinks a sport that sanctions beating people with sticks would be awesome - fortunately this one is 'softstick' lacrosse)

  • Candy Making Fun

  • Learning Lab 360 Virtual Reality Camp

  • Anything with LEGOs

My choices would be:

  • Mad Science NASA: Journey into Outer Space

  • Application Design

  • Poise Girls Entrepreneurs

  • Junior Tennis Camp

  • Bluegrass Camp: Beginning Bluegrass Fiddle

  • Photo Composition Camp

  • Boating


There is definitely something for everyone!


If you like the ability to sort all of the listings in a spreadsheet, you can become a member at download all your search results at any time.

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