Charlotte YMCA 2018 camps are posted

Our database now includes the following branches: Brace, Harris, Johnston, Keith, Lake Norman, Lincoln County, Lowe's, McCrorey, Morrison, Sally's, Simmons, Steele Creek, and Stratford Richardson. Also Fort Mill.

That’s 2000 individual camp sessions with 600 unique offerings.

The Y is a camp machine. The selection may change a bit from year to year, but you can always count on good things:

  • Affordable full-day options

  • “Full day” means a full working day.  No before/after care fees for 7am to 6pm coverage.

  • Half-day camps are good for kids who have many interests. If your child is attending morning and afternoon sessions, a counselor will shuffle your child from one camp to the next.

  • Options for all age groups, meaning you only have one drop-off and pick-up location.

  • A smooth process in the carpool line.

  • Wacky Wednesday, zany counselor camp names, and swimming.


Find a camp now!


It’s not just regular day camp at the Y. Search the Summer Camp Guru database and you will discover options you weren’t aware of. Unique offerings include:

  • Water sports, Sailing, Wakeboarding (!) – Lake Norman
  • Money, Money, Money or Shark Tank (teens) – Simmons; Money Matters (teens) – Johnston
  • Young Entrepreneurs - Morrison
  • Volunteer camp – Simmons, Keith, Lake Norman, Harris, Johnston
  • A whole host of culinary camps
  • Fort Building – Harris
  • Pokemon – Harris, Morrison
  • Ninja Warrior and Parkour Camp – Harris
  • Babysitting – Harris, Morrison, Lake Norman
  • Manners Camp – Sally’s
  • Photography and Scrapbooking – Harris
  • Triathlon – Brace, Harris, Lake Norman, Morrison
  • Fashion Through the Decades – Keith
  • Jumanji Camp - Morrison


Camp Descriptions

The best way to view camp descriptions is via the Y’s central registration system. If you haven’t used this in the past year, it is greatly improved! Similar to the ‘find a class’ page, you can search using multiple criteria. You can use the keyword box to look for a specific camp for more information.



Very affordable, even for non-members. Prices vary by location. Generally, two half-day camps will be more expensive than a single full-day camp.

Average full day cost for all locations = $244 ($183 for General Day Camp)

Average half-day cost = $216. Why so similar to the full day cost? Specialty camps such as cooking, field trip, and outdoor adventure options are usually half-day camps.

Lunch is provided at a few programs, and at some you can pre-order when registering.

Don’t forget the Y has an extensive scholarship program! Ask about My Y Pricing.



Non-member registration opens March 15 for most locations.

Registration begins here



TIP: For pure adventure, try day camp at Camp Thunderbird. Shuttle service is available from South Charlotte.