The Cost of Charlotte Day Camps

How much can you expect to shell out this summer?


The following data is summarized at the camp provider level, not the session level.

Full day camps in the Charlotte metro area range from $100 to $575. The average is $272, and 50% fall between $200-300.

Half day camps run from $60 to $315. The average is $178, and 45% fall between $150-250.


Average Cost of Full Day Camps

cost distribution of full day camps in Charlotte


Average Cost of Half Day Camps

cost distribution of half-day camps in Charlotte


There are about 100 camps represented in each graph, so the number of camps also corresponds to the percentage distribution.


Full Day Camp Costs by Category

Charlotte average day camp cost by category





Full Day Camp Cost by Location

average day camp cost by area in the Charlotte region

Average costs are impacted by the type of camps offered, not just rent prices and demographics. For example, West Charlotte includes the Whitewater Center, and in South Charlotte, there are a lot more specialty and private school camps. 


What's included in the data

The data represents 200 camp providers in the Charlotte metro area. Some camps were excluded because they do not meet our full or half day criteria. Full-day camps last more than six hours, so 9am-3pm camps are excluded. Half day camps must last 3-4 hours, so preschool 9-11am sessions were excluded. Also excluded were the college-level Wake Forest Immersion program and iD Tech, which run $900-1600. Finally, only 5-day camps were included.

There are over 6000 individual camp sessions in our database. To prevent large camp providers from skewing the numbers, the average cost for each camp provider was calculated first. Those results were then used to calculate the averages depicted in the full-and half-day cost graphs above.

When breaking down the cost by activity category, the larger camps with more categories had more influence on the average cost. Therefore the total average cost by category is different than the total average cost by camp provider.


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