Charlotte YMCA 2018 camps are posted

Charlotte Metro YMCA camps have been posted!

Our database now includes the following branches: Brace, Harris, Johnston, Keith, Lake Norman, Lincoln County, Lowe's, McCrorey, Morrison, Sally's, Simmons, Steele Creek, and Stratford Richardson. Also Fort Mill. That’s 2000 individual camp sessions with 600 unique offerings.

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The Best Age to Start Overnight Camp: Younger is Better

If you google “best age for overnight camp” or “is my child ready for sleepaway camp,” you’ll find a slew of blog posts from various parenting websites.  Most of them include the caveat that every child is different. Meaning there is no perfect age to send your child off to a cabin in the woods to be cared for by a teenager. For some it’s Six, for others it’s Never. I have one of each in my family.

However, experts say that younger kids do better. Find out why.

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Give Summer for Christmas

As your children get older it can be difficult to come up with meaningful gift ideas. The ease of picking out a Lego set or an American Girl doll accessory seems like a distant memory. Now all they want is a sparkly new gadget. And you’re wondering, what is the value in getting them the latest model of a device they already have?

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Spotlight: Camp Rockmont

Rockmont is very intentional about designing programs that address each stage of a boy’s development. Activities and lessons are specifically geared to enhance emotional, spiritual, and physical growth. The goal is to help create “whole people.”

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Spotlight: Camp Ton-A-Wandah

This camp is nestled along one side of the lake, with a mountain rising on the other. You immediately feel cozy and protected. Girls are encouraged to have fun and focus on becoming who they want to be.

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What Type of Sleepaway Camp Should I Choose?

Why I sent my child to a College Dorm instead of a Cabin in the Woods

When your child is ten, it may seem like you have all the time in the world, and what’s not accomplished this summer can be done the next. However, you really only have eight opportunities for key summer activities before they go to college. Given the cost of residential programs, most families are lucky to be able to choose one each summer.

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Questions to Ask Camp Directors When Considering Sleepaway Options

There are other ways you can ascertain whether the camp is right for your child besides scouring camp websites for hidden insights. Personal tours, open houses, in-home info sessions, and family camp weekends provide opportunities to meet the staff and see things first-hand. If you can’t make it to one of those, set up a time to speak with a camp director on the phone. Come prepared with a list of questions.

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