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Camp Planning Made Easy

Summer Camp Guru provides parents with a centralized tool for summer camp planning. We all dread that annual task of finding summer care and enrichment programs. Now all the details you need are in one place. Robust search filters help you narrow options by activity, part of town, dates, pick-up/drop-off times, age, and cost.

Members can download all session details to a spreadsheet to save for future reference. You can also save your favorite options for each child and then create a calendar to share with friends.

One mom summed it up perfectly:

"Thank you SO much! Because of this database, I was able to give my kids so many choices for camps. Before I had three options because I had no time to search through all the info but being able to look in one place, filter, sort and download really improved my planning process. Thank you for putting this together."

And what happens when that perfectly planned schedule goes awry?

My son decided he didn’t want to do the camp I had already signed him up for. I will be losing half the money I spent on it but b/c of your site, I found an amazing robot camp much closer to our house for the week we need so, thank you! My son is now excited about that week of camp I stead of dreading it!

mom frustrated with camp planning vs relaxed mom with the right search tool


Victoria Johnson, Owner

There’s no magic story as to how Summer Camp Guru got started. It was an offhand comment from a friend who thought I sounded knowledgeable about day camp options: Why don’t you start a camp planning service?

I discovered the nightmare of summer camp planning when I had a full-time job and two young kids. There was no comprehensive directory with a good search feature. Every time I thought I found a promising camp session it turned out to be on the other side of town and ended at 4 pm.

It seemed ridiculous that moms all across town were doing this same spreadsheet exercise every spring. Why not house all the information we need in one place?

I’m not a programmer, graphic designer, or online marketer. I’m a CPA, financial reporting analyst, and custom dressmaker. I leveraged my data management and reporting skills to create a resource to help other moms. I’m figuring out the other stuff as I go along.

I hope Summer Camp Guru saves you time and helps you discover camps you didn’t know about!

Suggestions or comments? Reach me at victoria.johnson@summercampguru.com.

Happy Camping!