Summer Camp Guru was developed to give parents a centralized tool for summer camp planning. By providing key information for each camp provider and session date, we help you streamline the process and reduce the time you spend searching for camps and creating your own spreadsheets. The search filters allow you to find listings according to your preferred interests, location, dates, times, and ages. You can even create different profiles for each child and save your favorite options for future reference.

The key to making the search tool effective for families is to have the directory as complete as possible. Therefore, we will not launch a new location until we have targeted a majority of camps in that area. If you are interested in helping set up Summer Camp Guru in your city, please contact info@summercampguru.com. We also welcome suggestions for site improvement or future enhancements!


Victoria Johnson, Owner

Summer Camp Guru was conceived from an offhand comment from a friend while discussing summer plans for our kids. “You should start a camp planning service”. I immediately dismissed it as crazy, but later that day the concept had evolved from a simple spreadsheet to a full blown online search tool, and I even had the name. After struggling to plan full-time summer care for my kids for several years, I knew there had to be a better way.

I am a CPA, with the bulk of my career spent in finance and accounting. While seemingly unrelated, I actually leveraged my years of financial reporting and database management in the design and organization of this website. Other interests include travel, piano, and couture sewing (www.charlottecustomcouture.com).

Have you ever read a bio on someone’s website who seems to be a sole proprietor but keeps invoking the “we”? I won’t pretend that I have a team of people working in the background - this was a bootstrap endeavor, and is currently a one-woman operation. However, I did have lots of help! In this case, the “we” is the fantastic team at the marketing firm Stratagon Inc. who helped me all the way from proof of concept through website development and implementation. I can’t thank them enough for their advice and guidance.