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Yes, this is a thing.

A few years ago I attended a week-long chamber music workshop for amateur adults at my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill. My colleagues thought it was a crazy way to spend vacation time, but it was the most rewarding experience I had had in a long time. Anyone who did something well in college and gave it up to get a real job knows how much you miss that sense of accomplishment.

You too can revive your youthful passion at a summer camp!

There are many great camps for adults serving a variety of interests. Some last a week while others take place over a long weekend. While there are tons of experiential vacations out there (everything from ranching to surfing to wine making), this list aims to align to the types of camps we send our kids to.


Forget About the Kids! How about Summer Camp for Adults?




Most camps give you a packing list which covers the essentials. However, some appear rather sparse and you feel that surely some creature comforts must be missing.

For a more comprehensive list, I have combined the lists of 20 traditional summer camps in North Carolina. Download the ultimate sleepaway camp packing list.

A few tips:

  • After you have assembled your items, be sure to include your child in the packing process; they need to be able to find their stuff once they get to camp.
  • Everything should be considered disposable: do not pack anything you’d be upset to have destroyed or lost. A week in the woods will challenge even the most fastidious kid to keep things neat and clean.
  • Review your packing list and make sure you have everything, and that it fits. Trying to rush out and buy sweatpants at the last minute is not easy – Target doesn’t carry them in the summer.
  • And this apparently cannot be reiterated enough: LABEL EVERYTHING, even the toothbrush. Order your clothing labels now!


Getting Ready for Overnight Camp



Heading to Charleston or Asheville this summer? Check out some day camp options for the kids.

Summer Camps in Vacation Destinations: Asheville & Charleston